Teacher and Coach

Welcome Teachers & Coaches!

Weet-Bix™ Active Bands® is an exciting and fun platform designed and developed by Athletics Australia, to encourage children to be more physically active both at home and away from home.

Weet-Bix Active Bands allows teachers and coaches to create, record and track physical activity easily and flexibly. This fusion of the digital and physical worlds, enhances your activity program for groups of kids and makes being active more fun.

How Does It Work?

Here’s a 3-minute video overview of the Weet-Bix Active Bands Program for schools but applies also for sporting clubs:

How to Register:

  • First parents register their kids through the smartphone app-based program. Kids create their own cool Avatar.
  • Search for “Active Bands Teacher and Coach” in the Play Store, download the App and follow the prompts. Registration is quick and easy. Enter your email address, create a password and attach to an “organisation”. If you are unsure if your School/ Club has been registered as an organisation, please email: hello@weetbixactivebands.com.au
  • Athletics Australia reviews and approves your registration application.
  • Wristbands will be provided to the children in your group.
  • When conducting an activity session, select "Start a Group Activity" and choose a pre-loaded or custom activity.
  • Scan the band of each child at any stage during the activity session and help kids earn their Active Points!

Deliverers App

Athletics Australia has developed a Deliverers App to assist with Teachers implementing and using Weet-Bix Active Bands in school. To download the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Deliverers App please click here.

We’re here to help

Need more information? The Weet-Bix Active Bands Team would love to hear from you. Please email: hello@weetbixactivebands.com.au