Coaches and Physical Activity Providers

Weet-Bix Active Bands® provides an opportunity for coaches and physical activity providers to set up their sport or physical activity programs within the Weet-Bix Active Bands® platform. This creates an opportunity to engage and motivate children to be physically active throughout their day and to encourage regular attendance at, and engagement with your programs. The Weet-Bix Active Bands® platform also streamlines some of the administrative processes associated with program delivery. Coaches and physical activity providers will be able to check in children and track their attendance over time. Best of all, once approved as a coach or physical activity provider by our administrators, use of the Weet-Bix Active Bands® platform is free! To find out more contact us at


Increasingly, there is a focus on a whole school approach to getting children more active throughout their day. We also know that physical activity can enhance student learning and academic outcomes. Specialist physical education teacher or generalist classroom teachers are welcome and encouraged to use Weet-Bix Active Bands® to support their school physical activity plans and initiatives. The Weet-Bix Active Bands® platform is free for schools to use and allows teachers to make use of pre-loaded activities in the system, generate their own activities or create their own activity programs for their students. With Weet-Bix Active Bands®, together we can help encourage more Australian children to be more physically active so that they can lead happy and healthy lives. To join Weet-Bix Active Bands® for free or for more information, please contact us at